Our Story

Mohican Store has been a visualisation, a dream for many years.  After the arrival of my second child and experiencing amazing shifts in my life, directing me toward my passions, I found myself following a creative path, establishing a clothing store where women would love to shop again, filled with beautiful rustic and ethically made product, divine fabrics and textures.  Clothing that is easy to wear, affordable, beautifully bohemian and makes her feel amazing. 

Mohican Store is a reflection of myself, at home in nature, most peaceful next to the ocean and surrounded by love.  A love of travel, adventure, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. 

It takes a village, and I pride myself on the beautifully selected array of brands from Byron Bay to Bali, locally and abroad each with a story. 

A barefoot wanderer most happy with the sun on her skin and sand beneath her toes…


Much love, Holly & Team x